WV Pride Rubber Wristbands

I have ordered 200 1″ white debossed rubber wrist bands with the words WV Pride debossed into them. I will be selling this for $7.50 shipped to you or $5 if you are able to meet me in the Charleston area.

Please comment below and let me know how many you want. They are first come first serve. I will update this post with a pic as soon as I have them in my hands.



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Joyful effort

The very best effort is joyful effort. When there’s joy in what you do, then you’ll be doing it at your highest and most effective level.

Sometimes it is difficult to be joyful about what you’re doing. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Remember that the joy doesn’t come from the effort itself. Any joy you feel is joy you choose to feel, that comes from within you and flows outward.

Even the most mundane task can be an occasion for joy. Because every moment of life provides you with the opportunity to express your own joy.

You don’t have to be naive or in denial to feel joyful. All you have to do is choose to live and work with joy.

Give yourself and your efforts the gift of real joy. Not only will you be more effective, you’ll also feel great, no matter what you might be doing.

— Ralph Marston

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Help me win a referral contest! Win a $15 Amazon gift card if I win.

Im trying to win a referral contest with mylikes. Mylikes is a site that helps you to monetize your social media sites.

You sign up. Connect your twitter, facebook, tumblr, and youtube accounts. The more followers, friends, etc the higher your social score.

The higher your social score the more you make per click. Its pretty simple you tweet and advertisement and you get paid for your clicks.

The site is legitimate. I have been paid vial paypal or you can get paid via Amazon gift cards.

So sign up and connect your accounts. Everyone please post up once you have completed and if you help me win I am going to do a drawing for a $15 Amazon gift card.

Click HERE to sign up.

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Dear Professional Athletes, You are not hero’s!

Dear Profession Athletes,

You are not a hero. You play a game. The same guy that most people on this planet have played hundreds of times. The one difference is you get paid MILLIONS of dollars to play that game. You are not a hero. You do not do anything heroic. Dunking a basketball or catching a touchdown is not helping anyone but your own pocket. You do not go to war when you play your game. You do no battle. Most of you are spoiled brats that will be broke within a few years of leaving your respective league.

Until the day that you are being shot at or the other team (or other teams fans) wants to cut your head off as a trophy because of your religious beliefs you are not a hero.

Our American hero’s are the fireman, lawmen, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen that make less in one year then you make in one game. Those are the hero’s, those are the ones that our kids should look up to. Those guys and girls should be our role models. Instead we have you. Grow up and learn a little thing about humility. Be grateful that you are in the position you are in. Before you open your mouth and talk about being a hero looking up the word in a dictionary.

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How to gain twitter followers?

I have a couple different twitter accounts that I am trying to build up. I have @JoshScottWV that is my personal account and @Eers4Heisman that is my #WVU #Mountaineers account. I am always looking for ways to increase my followers. I want to give you a little bit of info of how I have done it.

First thing.. Follow people. And I dont just mean Superman, Lady Gaga, and Ryan Seacrest. Find people with the same interests as you and follow them. Engage them and maybe they will follow you back. You can do what some do and ask for a follow back but watch how you word it. You might come off sounding lame. I have done this plenty of times.

There is a game I play called Empire Avenue. Its a social media based game where the higher your followers, facebook page LIKEs, etc the better your “score” or stock is worth. You play with virtual money. Its a fun game but can be very time consuming. The missions on the game is where I have really been able to gain followers. Click HERE to check the game out and sign up.

You should add your name to twitter directories. Twitter states is a good one to add yourself to. It ranks you in your state according to how many twitter followers you have. Click HERE to add yourself.

Now I am going to give you a list of a couple. Just click on the sites and you can go to the page and add yourself.

  • Twiends The best one so far!
  • WeFollow
  • Twellow
  • SpreadYourTweets Be careful with this one. You can do the free one and gain 48 followers everytime but it also forces you to follow people as well.
  • Xeeme This one pretty much just lets you create a directory of all your personal social networks in one place.
  • Klout

Im sure there are many more places out there. Tell people in person your twitter name, put it on your business card, and your website.

These are just a few ways I have found to add followers. You can also go the route of paying for followers. I havent dont it. Not saying its a bad thing just really have no comment good or bad on it.

If you have any questions you can tweet me! @JoshScottWV

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Another dentist appt


So this is my third trip to the dentist over a baby tooth. Almost bet today won’t be the last either. Fun times!

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Disappointment happens


The only sure way to avoid disappointment is to avoid doing anything with your life. But then that would be the ultimate disappointment.

When you step forward, you will occasionally encounter disappointment. However, if you never step forward, your whole life will be a disappointment.

Disappointment happens, and yet it never has to stop you. Disappointment, as painful as it may be, is a normal part of a rich, successful and fulfilled life.

Things are not always going to go your way. Fortunately, no disappointment has to be permanent, because you can always pick yourself up and move positively forward from it.

Right now, every disappointment you’ve ever known is in your past. Right now, you have the opportunity to learn powerful, positive lessons from both the triumphs and the disappointments, and to find new energy for following your dreams.

Don’t take the disappointments personally, but rather, take them in stride. Then rise quickly above them, knowing that you have more and more of what it takes to bring true richness and fulfillment to your life.

— Ralph Marston

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